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Where Can I Install Duplex IPTV?

How to Install and Stream Duplex IPTV for Android, Firestick, PC.

You don’t want a cable subscription to observe your favored software streaming on a stay TV channel. You can flow them on any tool you need with out a cable TV provider company. With IPTV, you may flow all of your stay TV channels together with on-call for content material on any favored streaming tool with the IPTV provider providers. You will want a tool that you may hook up with the net and IPTV provider company credentials to log in. With that said, allow us to see a way to flow with the Duplex IPTV together with its set up manual and sign-up process.


To sign up with DUPLEX IPTV, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form at this link

Step 2: Logout and then create your payment methods

Step 3: Once the payment method is selected, click on the button below “PAY NOW”

To register with DUPLEX IPTV, it takes vigilance and consistency in terms of paying monthly in order to use their service. You have to select your preferred monthly or yearly payment method on their website after filling out the registration form.

You also have to create a valid email account where they can get back to you with any account verification queries from other side sources. As part of DUPLEX IPTV’s assurance for any possible billing discrepancies for

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